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Soothing Snuggler

Soothing Snuggler with T-Shirt

Soothing Snuggler with T-Shirt

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The Soothing Snuggler teaches social and emotional skills in a kid-friendly way - through play!
The Snuggler is more than a soft, cuddly teddy bear - it’s an educational resource designed to interact and engage with children while teaching valuable tools to gain awareness and control over their brain and body. 
It’s in the Details: 
Height: 16" Tall  (10" when sitting)  |   Weight: Less than 1 pound
Multi-Sensory: The Soothing Snuggler has one corduroy ear and one silk ear, and the bottom is filled with beads for multiple and varied sensory experiences!
Voice Prompts: Both hands and feet include a clickable sound button with one of four self-soothe prompts:
  1. “What’s wrong? Tell me about it.”(Emotion identification, emotional awareness, emotional expression, problem solving, etc.)
  2. ”Give me a big hug…squeeeeeze!” (Oxytocin-releasing hugs)
  3. “When I really need to calm down, I like to sniff a flower and blow up a balloon, try it with me…[deep-breath]”. (Stress reducing deep breathing)
  4. ”Look around the room and tell me what you can see, hear, smell, and feel.” (Grounding exercises help anchor you into the present moment and create distance from distressing emotions).
On/Off switch. Two AAA batteries required (not included). 
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let us answer some of your questions

More about the Soothing Snuggler

Does it really talk?

Yes! The hands and feet of the Soothing Snuggler have a sound mechanism that, when pressed, encourages children to engage in one of four self-soothe skills.

Why are self-soothe skills important?

Learning to self-soothe is a developmental milestone just as important as crawling, walking, or talking, but unlike these skills, the ability to self-soothe doesn't come naturally; it must be taught. Toddlers have some ability to self-soothe but they're not quite able to do it all on their own, so adults often help them calm down from a tantrum or rub their backs as they fall asleep. Eventually, children learn to self-soothe, which is important because it helps them manage their strong emotions. Children who learn to self-soothe are able to calm themselves when feeling distressed emotionally or physically, and often settle easier upon nighttime waking. Children who develop self-soothe skills grow up to be adolescents and adults with better social, emotional, and physical health; and are more resilient when facing challenges.

What age is the Soothing Snuggler good for?

The Soothing Snuggler is most popular with children in toddlerhood through elementary school years. This age is also important because it's a period of rapid brain development, so experiences during this time build the brain's foundation.

Besides the home, where else would Soothing Snugglers be useful?

We'd love to see Soothing Snugglers every where little kids have BIG emotions.

They're perfect for the classroom, calm-down corners, pediatrician's offices, children's hospitals, daycares, therapy offices, emergency responder vehicles, child-advocacy centers, legal offices, police stations - every where kids are!