Our Story



As a psychologist, I've worked with hundreds of children, adolescents, and adults who struggle to manage their emotions and who benefit greatly once they learn healthy and effective self-soothe skills.

My oldest son, Brody, served as the inspiration for this educational toy. When he was a toddler, Brody had strong emotions that caused him to feel overwhelmed and it was often difficult for him to calm down. We used several different strategies to teach him to self-soothe, including breathing exercises, grounding techniques, and helping him label his emotions. These skills, which required Brody to use all of his senses, resulted in a happier and healthier child who could independently manage his mood and feel more in control of his brain and body. 
Today, both my boys, Brody and Benny, enjoy the Soothing Snuggler and the confidence they've gained from learning how to calm themselves when BIG emotions arise. 
Developing this special teddy bear has been a dream come true for us. Now we're determined to get a Soothing Snuggler in the hands of every little person who sometimes experiences BIG emotions. 
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