Soothing Snuggler™

Dr. Erica Gergely developed the Soothing Snuggler to address children's social-emotional needs. With the push of a paw, this talking teddy bear teaches evidence-based skills to help kids find their calm!

Hi, I'm Dr. Erica Gergely.

As a mother and clinical psychologist, I noticed that too many toys emphasized academic over social-emotional learning. Even my own son struggled with overwhelming emotions as a toddler.

So, I created the Soothing Snuggler. With the push of a paw, the Soothing Snuggler will guide your little one through breathing exercises, grounding techniques, and conversations to regulate their emotions.

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    The Soothing Snuggler and Founder, Dr. Erica Gergely were featured in The Toy Book (May, 2023) on p. 150.

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    ASTRA Member and First-time exhibitor at ASTRA Marketplace & Academy 2023.

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    The Soothing Snuggler received the prestigious Mom's Choice Award - Gold Status!

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  • Teaches Self-Soothe Skills

    Verbal prompts in each paw teach social-emotional skills for self-soothing, emotion regulation, and comfort. This sensory toy engages children physically and mentally, while stimulating brain development.

  • Calms our Brain & Body

    Self-Soothing is how we calm our brain and body when overloaded by stress or overwhelming emotions. The Soothing Snuggler teaches four emotion-regulating and soothing skills that activate all five senses.

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  • Social, Emotional, & Physical Health Benefits

    Children who develop self-soothe skills grow up to be adolescents and adults with better social, emotional, and physical health. They're also more resilient with better self-awareness, empathy, and relationship skills.

  • President & CCO Mattel, Steve Totzke

    “Great product. Great story!”

  • Kindergarten Teacher

    “Our Soothing Snuggler is available in the calm-down corner for students and it’s one of the most beloved items in the entire classroom.”

  • @JamieGrayson | Baby Gear Expert

    ”It is a wonderful toy and I am a really big fan.”


    ”Absolutely wonderful.”

  • @raising_eq_kids

    "My 11 year old loves the Soothing Snuggler as much as her younger siblings."

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  • @yourfriendkatrina

    "I love a tool that can help us regulate our emotions!"

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  • Andrea K.

    "Our boys love their Soothing Snuggler! I love hearing their "talks" with the bear when I'm within ear shot. It's very soft too."

  • Michele P.

    "This is an amazing toy! So much awesomeness in that bear!"

  • Korey R.

    "I ordered one the instant I saw it for my son with sensory and language delays!! What an amazing creation!!!"

  • Laura M.

    "It's only $39? Heck, I may have to buy more than one!"

  • Samantha B.

    "OMG This is brilliant!!! I have a 6 year old who is ADHD combined and Sensory Processing Disorder. This is legitimately all the things we do to regulate him..."

  • Katie B.

    "My 5yr old son loves his Soothing Snuggler! It was a big help while transitioning from Christmas vacation back to a school schedule. He even took it to school the first few days back to help during naptime. He is very emotional, and the Soothing Snuggler helps him calm down almost immediately. I highly recommend it!"

  • Ciera M.

    "I originally thought to buy one of these bears for a 2 1/2 year old who has big feelings on his own, but also feeds off the emotions around him. I also got one for our (sensitive) 6 year old, because I knew he wouldn't want to feel left out. In the past several weeks both of my boys have grown very attached to the Soothing Snuggler. They have become their bestie that accompanies them through each day - the good and bad. Even if our bear isn't near, our kids follow the relatable prompts of how to breathe to feel more calm. Sniff a flower and blow up a balloon!"

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