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BIG Comfort for BIG Emotions

A talking, snuggly friend who can help children learn to calm themselves. 

Designed by a Licensed Clinical Psychologist, the Soothing Snuggler teaches evidence-based social-emotional skills to manage emotions like anxiety, anger, and fear while instilling self-confidence.

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We Won an award!!

2022 Mom's Choice Award

We are proud to announce that The Soothing Snuggler received GOLD LEVEL distinction from the prestigious Mom's Choice Awards in 2022.

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Watch how the Soothing Snuggler helps Brody calm down.

Evidence-Based Social-Emotional Skills

Learn More About Self-Soothing & Social-Emotional Skills

Self-Soothing Calms our Brain & Body

Learn More About Self-Soothing

soothing snuggler Features

Voice Prompts in Hands & Feet:

* Grounding Exercises

*Deep Breathing

*Emotional Expression

*Big Hugs & Squeezes

Rich Sensory Experiences:

*Muted, Calm Coloring

*Huggable, Soft Exterior

*Squishy, Beaded Bottom

*Velvety Corduroy & Crinkly Silk Ears

Grounding Exercises

Grounding exercises that use your senses help to reconnect you with the present moment and separate you from distressing emotions.

Deep Breathing

Also known as Belly Breathing or Abdominal Breathing is one of the best ways to lower stress in the body. When you breathe deeply, it sends a message to your brain to calm down and relax.

BIG Hugs & Squeezes

BIG hugs help promote relaxation by lowering levels of cortisol ("the stress hormone") and releasing oxytocin ("the cuddle hormone") in your body.

Emotional Expression

Talking about their feelings can help kids stay in good mental health, by reducing anxiety and easing depression. Expressing emotions also makes decision making and problem solving easier.

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Mama & Psychologist Approved!

What people are saying about the soothing snuggler...

I didn't realize how awesome [it] was! I mean, I loved the idea ... but actually seeing and hearing and watching my son makes things real and amazing!

Brooke M.

What a cool way for children to connect to their emotions. Recently, our district has adopted social emotional learning inside the classroom. I'm interested in how the [Soothing Snuggler] can be used with students.

Miranda S.

I've worked with children for 40 years ... something like this has been needed for a long time!

Stephanie W.

“Brianne loves her “Snuggles” already! If you are giving this as a gift, it’s packaged so nicely. Thanks for creating this!”

Jen M.

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Meet the Mama & Maker

Hello, I'm Dr. Erica Gergely. I'm a Licensed Clinical Psychologist, and the Mama and Maker behind The Soothing Snuggler. 

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